WebCopyCat – A Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System With All You Ever Need




WebCopyCat is a Done-For-You internet business that was created SPECIFICALLY for newbies. When they join, they get instant access to sales funnels that are already built for them . No need to: get hosting, a domain name, download/upload any files or any of that mess. If someone can order traffic, they can succeed with this system

This is an affiliate marketing program made to help people who have got the knack for online stuff find their way through a favorably good and consistent commission. Here, most of the business building burden is lifted off your shoulder and all what you need to act on is a few basics and fairly easy tasks to contribute to the success of the business.

The technical aspects of building and ranking an affiliate website is done for you together with creating the sales funnels, opt-in pages and building the mailing list. Devon has had quite an experience in the online world and have mastered the full art of successfully building a business from scratch to a consistent income.

Based on the research, there are no specific brands that Devon is acquainted with or has worked on the past that are well known. But one thing is for sure, this guy knows what he is doing! what he is doing for the members is pretty much what should happen to start making money.

The idea is that getting subscribers for your business who get regular updates on their mails about your business development is easier to make conversions as the target audience is already there with you.

And Devon has volunteered to direct some of the traffic he gets to your business and help you make subscribers out of them as well. Also, his policy is that for every sales your business makes, you are paid 50% of the commissions instantly to your PayPal account, which is a real big deal. This is good money.

  1. We do all the set-up
  2. We’ve already created all of the products/funnels etc…
  3. We help the members get traffic
  4. We build their email list for them
  5. We do all of the follow up
  6. We do all of the selling
  7. We do all of the customer support

Here is what is entailed in the Webcopycat program:

• Video Walkthroughs – There are lots of videos showing how well to approach the affiliate marketing niche and make a good deal of money. Devon had dedicated his time and great effort into the videos to make sure that any willing affiliate marketing aspirant gets it right. All these videos cover basic but profound aspects to help you keep your business on the right track.

• Quick Traffic – Getting the right traffic coming to your website is perhaps the hardest task you can ever perform especially if you don’t know anything about traffic. And Devon helps you with that by getting traffic from his very own works and directing it to you through solo ads. This is a good tactic to get your business ranked fast by various popular search engines.

• Subscribers’ Mailing List – You also get to have Devon help you build a mailing list of subscribers who are interested in the products your business sells. Also, if you decide to leave the program you still get to keep your list as the program has no power over your subscribers. Doing this shows a lot of honesty and integrity in this product.

• Training – If you are interested in learning the technical aspects of building your business, there is a provision that takes you through the entire process but at an extra fee. So you will not have to depend on the program your entire life to build the foundation of your future business projects.

We’ve got a professional staff that calls and welcomes each member. If any members decide to access our platinum coaching program, you can make an additional $500 in commissions! We’ve also got a few other ways for you to earn commissions built into the system


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