Webinar JEO Automatic Webinar Recordings With Interactive Surveys

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The massively successful Webinar JEO system Which has run over 15000 live webinars since their launch in May Is announcing some INCREDIBLE NEW TECHNOLOGY and offering you a chance to lock in an amazing deal for just a few days

 And What better way to showcase it…Than a WEBINAR!You can join right now, and register to get EARLY ACCESS to this incredible platform.Even if you have NEVER done a webinar before, Even if you don’t have a product or a list. This exclusive SPECIAL EVENT is going to change the way you go about business online.

This is not guess work… Over 15000 live webinars and some of the top names in the business have run webinars already on Webinar JEO and the results have been fantastic.  Proven online already – Webinar JEO has already made massive strides forward.

Working on EVERY browser, the team announces today some incredible changes…Such as – Facebook live integration! (wow) Brand new MOBILE APPS,  and even meeting rooms for public or private meetings. Webinar JEO just raised the bar again! (plus – with more than 15000 live webinars already run on the program

You can be assured of the quality and reliability of the program) See How YOU Can have unlimited Webinars With UNLIMITED Seats and an incredible opportunity to lock this in for a HUGE  special pricing offer. The new GOLD STANDARD for online presentations and webinars is now OPEN and, you have the chance to grab it, Plus a STACK of bonuses that will deliver massive value for you Right now – in a very limited offer.


Product Description: Webinar JEO is designed to be a full functioned webinar and live streaming software, allowing you to do ‘one to many’ style presentations to an unlimited number of people.

Unlike other competitors in the Webinar space, Webinar JEO has no limitations on the number of people that can attend an event. Built in partnership with Amazon’s Web services infrastructure, Webinar JEO has the backing to increase computing power to an unlimited level. This provides assurance to it’s users that the events will always be ‘kitted up’ with the best hardware as it’s backing.

Overview: Webinars are the best form of engagement for audiences. Used for product presentations, training seminars and business delivery (just to name a few) the ability to connect with audiences across the globe is unparralelled.

Webinar JEO includes a suite of tools to allow you the best methods of presenting, with one click ability to switch between Interactive (on screen) whiteboards, Full screen share for browser demonstrations or Powerpoint/Keynote slides and camera mode. This last one allows real time connection with any web cam connected to your computer and all modes feature high quality audio and almost zero lag or delay.

The instant (live) chat – means that attendees to your presentations can immediately give you feedback and engage with the presenter. This provides that ‘real time’ feedback which is what makes live streaming webinars so much more valuable than anything running using Google Hangouts.


Webinar JEO also includes a ‘pre recorded mode’ which allows you to load up presentations and still benefit from the integrated ‘database management’ tools, that capture names and email addresses, while delivering ANY video as a presentation ‘as if’ it were being run like a live webinar.


Webinar JEO Brings amazing power to webinars. Delivering hybrid solutions, Live AND Evergreen webinars, and all with instant recordings, facebook live, and unlimited follow up campaigns.

It’s been proven through use.  with over 30000 live events already run on the platform, and hundreds of thousands of guests and attendees. Webinar JEO offers incredible marketing tools that no other platform does. It really is a tried and proven solution.


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