What Happens If An Aircraft Climbs Too High – Mentour Pilot

What happens to an aircraft that climbs above its maximum altitude and how do pilots deal with a high and low-speed stall? Todays episode is PACKED with useful aviation information so make sure you watch the WHOLE episode to the end and ask your questions afterwards. I have also include undisputed proof that my dog is, in fact, alive but you will have to wait until the VERY end to see it. If you want to ask a question to me directly, download my FREE mobile application, Mentour aviation

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A huge thank you to the channels that were featured in todays episode. To watch the full videos, click the links below:

The Ultimate B737 Technical handbook (stall example) https://youtu.be/0e3z8z7Z6WI SciShow

(Why planes don’t fly higher) https://youtu.be/PkWQsGrRDts

Safran https://youtu.be/kz5kv0RfeUc

Dfan 315 (Shockwave) https://youtu.be/ugPJYJ-BKkU

Shashmeera de Fonseka https://youtu.be/WBXgZpjfTLg





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