What is Hotter than Content Marketing? Yes, it’s Agile Content Marketing – Neema Kapoor


Agile developed in response to a fast marketplace where customer requirements, and the marketplace itself, were changing so rapidly that it became important to work in “sprints” — as opposed to the “marathons” many are used to. Agile provides a faster go to market, test, and modification opportunity. This stands in sharp contrast to the previous “waterfall” method which worked in sequential processes based on a set in stone strategy. It would often be outdated by the time the marketing products were completed.

While the principles of Agile were initially developed for software development, they have in recent years been successfully applied to the discipline of marketing and, more specifically, content marketing by companies that include Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, and just about every other leading technology company today. Read more here.

The truth is that the dynamics of content creation are not very different from software development and the same issues that plague a linear model of software development can impede the efficiency of a content campaign. This is especially true when trying to create user relevant content where people’s interests change from day to day. Teams of content strategists and developers can no longer expect the luxury to work head down for weeks or even days at a time as the digital and economic landscape, search algorithms, and user buzzwords shift dramatically.


  • Given that nearly 99% content is recycled, repurposed, and commoditized, especially those centered on trending keywords – the faster you hit the ground, better the chances of success. (In the wake of the iPhone launch, companies that created anecdotal, informative, and insightful content in real time emerged winners!) –
  • There is almost never anything like a “SURE thing” in content marketing. There is simply no foolproof way to predict the next consumer trend or disruption in our audience’s attention making almost all of content strategy “intelligent guesswork”. An agile content strategy factors in the need to produce, test, and modify in short bursts, thus increasing the chance of success.
  • Given that the market place is unpredictable, it is therefore worthwhile to produce small but individually relevant pieces (or 8 articles on different aspects of Google SERP features that can be integrated into an e-book) rather than take on a voluminous 1000 page tome that may take months to complete by which time a similar book or individual articles from competitors may already be in circulation not to mention that the features themselves may have evolved.

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