Whitelist Email Marketing


White-list-email-marketing (WEM) is designed as credits based mailer. We do not allow artificial traffic by bots or even surf events or incentives like cash for surfing. This has lead to a high efficient use of your credits and leads to plain results.

WEM delivers signups more than average, which is not just a promise, it is based on our way to keep the membership constantly active. If you are looking for cents while reading you will be disappointed.

If you are looking for non tempered plain and measurable results you are welcome to proceed.Be aware that after you verified your account you need to read at least 3 member emails, or find the hidden codes inside the members pages to get your first mail out to at least 600 members.

Of course if you purchase credits, or chose to upgrade you are good to go right away. Even free members can take advantage of this impressive marketing instrument, as PLAN B is what guides you and your down-lines to succeed.Join WEM and promote the finest programs at once. Fill multiple down-lines while promoting.


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