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The Wiki Wizard is a software that builds hundreds of wiki pages to be linked to your site or more preferably to your buffer sites. It is easy to use and pretty much automated. I would say it’s about 95% automation of all the tedious SEO task. It is a cracking piece of software that will help get your site ranking the in the search engines. This piece of software harnesses the power of contextual links within wiki’s which really give your site a good boost higher. It has some excellent features, is well thought out and has been created with the aim of ensuring you rank higher in the search engines. You will love the features that are included and will see the result in the rankings from the sites you have used it on. It comes with a list of 500 wiki sites already installed in the software, Creates accounts at all of your wiki sites at the push of a button, Has automatic email verification so you don’t have to worry about clicking confirmation emails, Allows you to spin your content so you don’t have to worry about duplicate content, Allows you to rotate your backlinks so you can build backlinks to several sites and not have to worry about building too many backlinks too fast, Allows you to rotate keywords so that your backlinks are penguin friendly, Can import a list of wikis if you want to post to more than the 500 wikis that come with the software, Get rapid rankings for choice money keywords you never thought you could get before,Sail past your competitors in the SERPS, stealing their traffic and sales along the way, Ramp up your sales and opt-in figures overnight, Stay under the radar from Google and build yourself a more long term, secure online income, Save time and money buy getting super fast, high quality backlinking software.Here you will get instant access to 500 of the hottest wiki sites so you can start to build backlinks straight away and start ranking your money sites, with no waiting around, no search, just cracking on ranking your sites immediately. This is a brand new app where you will be able to get websites and links indexed quickly so you can reap the rewards of extra traffic immediately.


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