WP Backup Boss


What if you could now make an easy backup of your WordPress site without the hassle…Imagine for one moment that you can take a snapshot of your site at the moment in time and recover it at will…

Picture not having to worry about whether or not your website and your business will be around tomorrow…
Now I am proud to introduce to you on behalf of Dr Alex and the C Point master developer team WP Backup Boss.

Save Site Snapshots Automatically to Your Local Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, or FTP/SFTP and Backing up your site is no longer time consuming and boring and with one click you can save all your:

  • Posts and pages
  • Plugins and themes
  • Settings
  • …and have an easy accessible backup that you can restore anytime



WP Backup Boss is the front-end product of the funnel that addresses 3 things that are essential to all owners of WordPress sites:

  1. Backup
  2. Security (including anti-hack and anti-spam protection), and
  3. Speed.


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