WP Commission Machine


WP Commission Machine sets up instant affiliate stores that you can launch in under 60 seconds and earn passive commissions from all 3 sites.The software can auto import 1000s of products in ONE CLICK and make product keywords rank easily with long tail keywords for easy organic SEO traffic.
It will automatically fetch all images, videos related to the products and create affiliate links across all products for you. All you need to do is, enter niche keywords, pick the categories and press ONE BUTTON – and 100s of products will be added to your affiliate store instantly.
WP Commission Machine features are :

– Unlimited Campaigns per site

– Automatic Sync – future price or description/image changes are updated automatically.
– Product Translate to 60+ languages
– Built in Content Spinning
– SEO Ready – Turn Descriptions to unique SEO content
– Import Products into Blog Posts automatically
– Intelli Import – import main image first, other images later in background.
– Import Multiple Products at once by ID or ASIN
– Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba import
It’s literally 3 SIMPLE STEPS… Step1 : Add two or three keywords you like, Step2 : Pick Your Categories and Products, Step3 : Push ONE button and your site is READY!
1.jpgShopify is super complicated, you have to worry about buying products, inventory, shipping and a lot of other stuff. Well, Commission Machine sites don’t need any of that. You can setup a site in just 51 SECONDS that uses the power of Ebay, Amazon and AliExpress to run.


Yes – your own store, powered by the 3 biggest ecom sites in the world paying you commissions on each and every sale.How’s that for passive income? This app can do it for you. Create a brand new site from SCRATCH to a complete Autopilot Site in under 1 minute.
You’ll never have to manually add content ever again. No more content writing.No more blogging. Just PUSH BUTTON and done!

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