WP Forcefield


If you have a WordPress site, is your site safe from hacker, bot and spam attacks? Or, could you be in danger of losing your reputation, rankings and ultimately your income?If your site ever came under attack, or if spammers ever tried to to spam your site with their comments

Most vulnerabilities come from plugins, 1,305 or 54%, followed by 31.5% of WordPress core and 14.5% of WordPress theme vulnerabilities, with the most popular exploits are Cross-site Scripting and SQL Injection.

If you haven’t taken any special steps to fortify your site, it’s only a matter of time as to when will be attacked, spammed and crippled. There’s nothing more depressing after putting your time and effort into your website than to see it crippled by these scumbags.So we have planned the WP Forcefield protection too with the following characteristics:

*The program checks the integrity of WordPress core files to ensure that the foundations are healthy.

*It analyses your system for loopholes and security threats, and reports back the findings.

*When a vulnerability is found, it gives you a solution and allows you to close the loophole and toughen your WordPress site against attacks.

*WP Forcefield automatically rejects spam comments that spam-bots try to push onto your website, stopping them from reaching the moderation queue and wasting your time.

*By applying the clever anti-spam algorithm, the program makes the spammers’ job incredibly hard.



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