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WP Lead Explosion PRO

Being able to instantly change your WP Landing Page Comparison Template in just seconds, to a brand new one with stunning, vibrant colors, annotations, arrows and text boxes all ready to edit == > PROVEN TO CONVERT TO SALES!

All 5 custom landing page designs have been carefully created for you with proven sales generating graphics that are sure to get your services noticed even the most discriminating business owner!

10 Background Images

What do I get with the 5 Landing Page Template Package?

  • 5 Different landing page templates, all ready with our proven annotations, text boxes and graphics (like arrows etc.) all ready to go.

(All you need to do is upload the client’s URLs or images to the premade templates and get ready to SHOW AND SELL!) Having 5 proven to convert landing pages makes switching to different comparison page templates a snap!

  • 10 Different graphical background images all ready to be uploaded into the plugin and used on landing pages.


  • Go beyond the basic version’s limit of 20 landing pages with UNLIMITED LANDING PAGES!


Leverage the potential of the CSV creation function to create a MASSIVE amount of landing pages that you can show your clients/leads! Don’t get hampered by mere limits and unleash the explosion by getting WP Lead Explosion PRO!

  • The PRO version allows you to upload a CSV file with hundreds of URLs!

So by choosing 1 landing page template you can create 100’s of landing pages in seconds — all ready and live online, ready to be sent!

  • You can email prospects the landing page URL right from within the plugin.

Send Emails Directly!

You don’t have to open your own email client, because landing page URLs can be emailed from within the plugin to make it even faster and easier to do!

  • You can add autoresponder optin forms onto each of the landing page templates!

Integrate Autoresponders!

This allows you to instantly build a separate email list from those business owners that don’t want to contact them back so you can remove them from your future mailings. This is compatible with the major ARs including Aweber, GetResponse and iContact.

WHAT YOU GET WITH PRO & The ‘Instant Sales Kit’:

  • The PRO version makes things much quicker, easier and more powerful.

You can create multiple landing pages at the same time, email prospects from within the plugin right there and then, and also build a list right from the landing pages too. On top of this, there is also the option to customize the landing pages with background images too!

Massive sales numbers is numbers game. With PRO you can quickly increase the numbers you get because you instantly can create a proven to convert attention grabbing landing page with the comparison builder.

  • The PRO version allows you to scale the sales numbers up!

You can create more landing pages in bulk, all at once, and email prospects from within the plugin. You can also capture emails from the NON RESPONDERS too.

  • The focus is on being able to scale this up immediately, and at the same time have everything done for you.

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