WP Link Shield

Many social sites are now blanket banning both affiliate and cloaked affiliate links from certain market places.This makes it ultra hard for affiliate marketers to post legitimate offers on such social networks.As a direct result, affiliate marketers are losing out on a mammoth amount of traffic and commissions. If you’re using standard free cloaking services such as bit.ly, goo.gl or tinyurl, the resulting link looks like complete garbage.These visually unattractive links have no keyword or brand relevance reduce click rates and cut into your bottom line. WP Link Shield links never expose the raw sales page link or the raw affiliate link.With WP Link Shield, links always remain the same and never decloak.Because of this, whenever a WP Link Shield link is copied between browsers or even shared via email, chat or social media you still get paid commissions.Your links will have unparalleled commission protection when you use WP Link Shield. Once enabled, WP Link Shield will automatically monitor all your affiliate links for response.If a sales page becomes unavailable, WP Link Shield will notify you by email and automatically redirect any traffic to either a page of your choice or an automated offer summary page.The offer summary page allows you to monetize what would otherwise be dead traffic simply leaving your site.You can also redirect your 404 traffic to your offer summary page. Your links will be always refer back to your site, not to a banned affiliate network or market place.You will no longer be punished for the bad actions of a minority.WP Link Shield gives you complete control over how your shared links appear to others by having total control over images and descriptions.




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