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With WP Localhost you can replicate your whole plugin list locally, recreate the bug and find the culprit fast. You can test new plugins for possible conflict before you use them live. We’ll Show you how.With WP Localhost you can test themes for reliability, usability and compatibility without any fear or consequence. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect when you use the theme live. Another common problem is WP version upgrades often stop themes from working – this can be totally avoided by running the upgrade on a Localhost first. With WP Localhost you can create your whole site off-line. take time to test, clean/modify your themes, see what works/ what doesn’t – no one is going to see your mistakes apart from you.There are some developer plugins that really handy to get sites up and operational.You’ll recognize some of them for sure but, we guarantee there’ll be many new useful ones that you won’t have seen before. Whilst WP Localhost runs on XAMPP – XAMPP doesn’t actually offer anything useful other than Bitnami which is a one site WordPress installer that’s not configured for speed or modern encrypted WordPress Themes. WP Localhost is a XAMPP addon module which takes care of 433 configuration steps that you would need to set up a similar fully configured ready to use development platform





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