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Many smart marketers realize that WP MegaMailer is a powerful, flexible and no-brainer alternative to expensive, restrictive email services that charge high monthly fees… Here are a few more reasons…Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you realize the bigger your list is the exponentially more third party services charge you. Even if you don’t send out a single email that month, it still costs you EXACTLY the same.Well, we hate limit’s, we hate the restrictions these services place every time we want to import our leads, send our emails and run our business… It’s like we have an uninvited business partner.Well, that’s why we built MegaMailer¬† for you. Now, you finally have a choice on how you run your business and you are the one in control of every step.We’ve packed a lot of very high-power features in MegaMailer that you would expect from an email system, but we have just scratched the surface… Here’s a few more amazing features:MegaMailer integrates directly with WordPress for the ultimate flexibility and power,Unlike other autoresponder systems, you can just import your contacts and leads and get started,Amazing Statistcs and Tracking Our powerful dashboard allows you to see at-a-glance how your campaigns are doing,We offer a powerful and unique feature where you can charge for inclusion on specifics lists and We have packed a ton of power into MegaMailer and many unique features you won’t find in any other Autoresponder or Email Management platform.




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