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WP Messenger Plugin is a unique software that combines the newly released Facebook Messenger Live Chat for sites with chatbots. There is one big advantage of using WP Messenger a vistor does not have to leave your Site!

You can See it right here the Messenger LiveChat option is there and it pulls your attention. It‘s personalized and that helps massivly in engaging with your visitors And the beauty of Wp Messenger

The moment they hit the “Chat Now“ button they are added to your database. Once a visitor has interacted with your chat, they are added to your list and you can send them a message again long after they left.

Using this tool you will reach your audience a lot better then with normal, old email. WP Messenger Plugin enables you to set auto replies on keywords as well, making it easy for frequently asked questions and of course you can answer questions visitors have right away which increases the conversions.

WP Messenger enables you to add Facebook Messenger Chat right on your Site and get in touch with your visitors and prospects. No budget and no experience required. AND a complete step-by- step training is included.

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Live Chat Pop-up
The livechat popup is like the one you see in the right side corner here on the screen. BUT…it will be connected to your Facebook page and it will have your bronding & logo.

Autoreplies with ChatBot
You can receive answer instantly when he isn’t online. The bot will do that. It’s amazing!!! This allows you to save time and also to be able to respond to questions the moment you are momentairly not able to respond

Broadcasts, 97% Open Rate
UNLIMITED ADS ON FACEBOOK WITH $0. Reach customers frequently WITHOUT monthly fee! Broadcasts are another major feature of the plugin…this will allow you to send out a message long after the visitor has left.


WP Messenger Plugin is Extraordinary, practicable and Recomended. WP Messenger Plugin is an easy to follow guide with clear step by step so that you can follow in his footsteps. I would have paid thousands a month for WP Messenger Plugin. WP Messenger Plugin provides serious marketers with everything they need.

Get over those traditional marketing methods and target more prospects than only 5% to 10% who get to read your emails you send them. WP Messenger comes here to remove that extra step and connect you with every visitor of website or store.

And after passing through all these, what are your chances? An average person checks the email once or twice a day but spends 2-3 hours on Facebook. Messenger is the place where you connect with them on human level as people connect with their friends.

But that is all going to change. A new tool called WP Messenger Plugin is releasing today it lets you broadcast messages to anyone who visits your site. This tool allows you to automatically follow up with your customers through FB messages and send out discounts, coupons, external links, and so much more.




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