WP Proficom PRO ECommerce Toolkit


This powerful plugin IS Your Unfair Advantage that pulls the real HIDDEN gems from AliExpress right into your WordPress in seconds.Products that are already filtered according to a strict criteria, making sure only the winners get through. Doing in minutes what would take you hours otherwise. That’s not all, it posts products to your e-com store with just a click of a button automating everything. No need to spend forever typing out tedious descriptions and titles. With your winner set in hand, and store done, you’ll be ready in next to no time to pull traffic to your store from Facebook and cash in. And this takes us to the second component of Proficom that’s going to get you to the $100K level.With WP Proficom plugin alone, you’re going to get winner products, but to really exploit them and extract the maximum profits from them you need to show them to an audience that will be passionate about them.We spent months and thousands of dollars perfecting a method that gets you. Laser-targeted, passionate and highly filtered traffic from Facebook to your e-commerce store to get you maximum monetization opportunity from any niche you target. The ProfiAds method is a comprehensive video training designed for newbies.



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