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If your not using YouTube in your marketing – today is your wake up call.YouTube it arguably the largest relatively ‘untapped source’ of free traffic, leads and customers on the planet. And if you do it right – you can be getting 10,000’s of views, leads and sales per day for free Facebook traffic costs are shooting through the roof, ranking in search engines has never been harder But YouTube is the “untapped” hidden gem in the rough – the unicorn of massive traffic.

With YT Gorilla let your Competitors Do The Hard Work Then Take Their Keywords, Select “amount of views” to get the most popular videos – saves you 100s of hours compared to manually doing this,Instantly shares all videos info, keywords and descriptions.strong You can just hit “export URLS” and save them all to the file, Hot TIP – For Local business: Charge clients a monthly retainer to give them the most popular videos in their niche each month. (We supply the cut and paste template)

You can either join the 1000s of users that will be using YT Gorilla to slice their competitors apart from the inside.Or be left out in the cold.It’s a competitive world out there and you need ever single advantage you can get.And when you start ranking your own video and clients video so fast and easily your compeitors won’t know what hit them.All their hard work.While you sit and “pick them off” using YT Gorilla as your secret weapon.Setting up your custom alerts that let you know the INSTANT a new video starts gaining traction.

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