Zamurai Video Bootcamp


This is a simple step by step playbook and training course which takes you by the hand and literally gets videos to the first page of Google.Joshua has on plenty of occasions proven that he gets videos ranked high and quickly and he has finally put together his exact strategy in this boot camp.Let’s take a brief look inside: The Right Way To Research niches, so that you can practically guarantee your success,  How To Quickly and Easily find Golden Keywords that are Just Waiting To Be Claimed, Favorite Types of Keywords To Target. One of which he’s only shared with a handful of people, How To Effectively Analyze Your Competition and know EXACTLY what you’ll need to DOMINATE them,How To Find The Best Products To Promote To Make More Money With LESS Effort, How To Find The Best And Most Reliable Affiliate Networks To Make Sure You don’t get SCREWED, How To Use Video To Build Your List and build a long term business, How To Make Money While Watching TV and doing any other random activity, How To Start Thinking Like A Marketer and see money EVERYWHERE.

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