ZenNotify Push Notification


This is a great features that we had, you can customize the Invite Notification with our live editor. These are the element included: Can customize Video, Images, Set Thank You URL (after user click Allow will redirect them to a URL), Customize Button, Setup Bonuses link after they subscribed and We provided 5 proven templates that we had tested.

Using our segmentation feature, you can group your audience into campaign / segments, depending on any condition and You can then send notifications to particular segments. You can monitor your visitors, interaction, and conversions of your notifications in real time.

If you run product launches or webinars, ZenNotify is going to help you get more visitors and attendees.You can literally announce live when you go live — and get attendees to jump on your live webinars. It’s not secret that “push notification” gets attention.The message appears right in front of your audience’s eyes when they’re browsing the web.
With email, your audience will need to log into their email, comb through hundreds of emails just to be able to get your message. Push notification is direct, and effective. Companies like Aweber, iContact and GetResponse can charge up to thousands just to host your list.With ZenNotify – we’ve made everything easy and on the cloud.
We applied ZenNotify on someone else’s website that is getting around 100-200 visitors a day.We send out a message via ZenNotify’s messaging system to 300 members we acquired for free. This software is simply amazing

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