ZooWarrior – How To Unlock Game-Changing Intel About Your Buyers

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Zoo Warrior is a combination of a powerful software and comprehensive super affiliate training which lets you track your affiliate sales across the marketplaces, giving you detailed, organized info about your affiliate sales, such as the name of the customers and their email address, along with where they’re from, when they purchased and if they refund, Zoo Warrior will allow you to know about that as well.

Assist users to boost conversions and reduce refunds. Keep a Great reputation with PayPal. It integrates with your favorite autoresponder service letting you build a customer list on complete autopilot. They take your privacy seriously, all of your customer emails go straight into your AR. The info is well organized and simple to use. It is also cloud based so it’ll work on a Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone.

It Works in 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Grab Your Unique Call Back Link Within Their Software

Step 2: Paste the Link from Step 1 Into JVZIPN URL

Step 3: Just Relax, Allow the Software to Auto Add Buyer to Your List.

Step 4: Use Your Stats to Boost Sales And Conversions.

No more downloading CSVs or manually importing names and emails – now you can automatically add buyers to your autoresponder, hands-free! Connect your autoresponder to ZooWarrior in a couple of simple clicks and boom – ZooWarrior will automatically start adding your buyers to your chosen autoresponder!

You’ll discover How to set up the right promotional strategy. What product to pick? What Pricing point is the sweet spot? How often should you promote? Email or Video, or Both.

The right way to do a review video to drive tons of clicks and commissions on YouTube, faster than you ever thought possible. Our secret video weapon (interviews and pre-sellers) to get tons of views and even more sales – and how to do it right, so it rains cash

Start collecting purchase history of each buyer over the past 90 days – see what your buyers have been buying, before you even added them to your list. Now you can instantly see what your new subscribers want to buy, how much they’re spending, when they’re buying, and more!



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