Earth Photo Deus ex machina — Earth Ocean Sky Redux

When I thought there wasn’t a thing to blog about other than us putting Christmas decorations away or us complaining about the cold, who swoops in to save the day? Sound Beacher, with photos of the Super Moon. Sound Beacher braved the temps and got the setting sun and rising moon on the First of […] […]

Premium Photos – Get Over 1,000 Brand New Copyright Free Visual

The Internet is changing. Faster Internet speeds and higher resolution monitors mean your customers expect larger, pixel perfect and even animated images to keep them engaged. Consider these facts: Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling […]

FotoPress – Create & Edit Unlimited Images  with LAYERS Support

WordPress is an amazing platform to create blogs and websites, so good that it powers over 24% of all the websites on the internet. BUT, they’ve also had a HUGE problem since day 1. (which they never fixed) Their image editing features SUCK – big time. The WordPress media gallery is a joke – every […]

The Colors of Agate Beach (Photo)

The Colors of Agate Beach, photo by Neil Weaver Neil took this photo on Agate Beach in Grand Marais on Lake Superior. It’s a popular spot for rockhounds. Superior Trails has an article on agate beaches around Lake Superior that says in part: Veteran Agate Hunters will troll gravel pits, riversides, hiking trails, roadsides, as […] […]