Should AI researchers kill people?

(Source: AI research is increasingly being used by militaries around the world for offensive and defensive applications. This past week, groups of AI researchers began to fight back against two separate programs located halfway around the world from each other, generating tough questions about just how much engineers can affect the future uses of […] […]

China And Russia Form Uranium Partnership

China and Russia are teaming up for a joint uranium mining project in Western Russia. The ARMZ Uranium holding subsidiary of Russian state owned energy giant Rosatom will be partnering with the Russia-China Investment fund (RCIF) on the $325 million project in the Zabaikalsky region. The Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union will reportedly own […]

NASA Has Just Released 2,540 Stunning New Photos Of Mars & They’re Simply Breathtaking | Gaia Diary

The special camera they used photographed hundreds of pictures on Mars and its area for over a decade. The new technology is also stunning and now the scientists have a special opportunity to examine the surface from within a few feet. Here are some of those stunning pictures Source: NASA Has Just Released 2,540 Stunning […]

My Molecularium – learn about molecules by playing this game #science  | iGeneration – 21st Century Education (Pedagogy & Digital Innovation)

The Molecule Building Game! From the Molecularium Project, the flagship outreach and education effort of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Nanotechnology Center – bringing audiences worldwide into the amazing nanoscale world of atoms and molecules. Source: My Molecularium – learn about molecules by playing this game #science  | iGeneration – 21st Century Education (Pedagogy & Digital Innovation)


Thousands of people turned out to watch Vector Lights bring Auckland’s iconic Harbour Bridge to life in a world-first solar, battery and peer-to-peer powered light show. The six-minute specially-composed Vector Lights opening show sequence wowed local residents watching and listening from different vantage points throughout the city, on land and water, last night. The […] via […]

Brain Facts That Influence How People Learn

While our technology changes at an incredible rate, the brain evolves slowly, allowing for the vast amount of existing cognitive-science research on how the brain takes in information. To create powerful learning experiences, it’s helpful to understand how the brain works. Translating research into meaningful, evidence-based practices, programs, and policies is crucial for learning […] via […]

Terraforming 101: How To Make Mars A Habitable Planet

Before we can journey to the stars, we must first go to Mars. That’s Elon Musk’s philosophy, anyways – and as Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins reports, just days ago he revealed new details on his ambitions to colonize the Red Planet, including sending two cargo rockets by 2022 and four rockets (two manned, two cargo) […]