AI’s Impact On Financial Services In The 2030s And Beyond

Fully self-driving cars — where a screen replaces the steering wheel — are still years away…getty As a follow up to our exploration of how next generation AIs such as ChatGPT will change the financial services industry in the next five years, in Part Two we will examine how ever-improving generative AI will change financial […]

Setting Boundaries: How Clients And Advisors Improve Their Professional Relationship

Good communication around expectations forms the baseline for a successful relationship between … [+] getty As in many relationships, the continuity of a client / advisor relationship depends on the strength of the connection. Working with a professional advisor who provides the professional guidance and expertise that it needs to perform at a high level […]

Why SEC Regulations Could Drive A ‘Great Reshuffle’ Among Advisor Talent In Financial Services

Getty As we gaze into the crystal ball for 2023, expect to see a bit more turbulence in the financial services sector. This is no surprise. In fact, it’s almost a given that market instability will continue, and there’s no quick or easy cure for inflation. But what might be unexpected is the shift that’s […]

Why Investors Should Lower Expectations For Making Money on Stocks

Vanguard, others predict bonds will rival single-digit returns on stocks; best bets are overseas.The era of big returns on stocks is over. It’s time for investors to recalibrate their expectations. That’s what many Wall Street firms and advisors are telling their clients. Look for lower returns from U.S. stocks during the next decade compared with […]

When A Mutual-Fund Converts To An ETF: How It Works

Asset managers continue to convert some of their mutual funds into exchange-traded funds. So what does that mean for investors? A 2019 change to the rules governing investment funds made it easier for managers to convert mutual funds to ETFs by removing the need for separate approval of each potential conversion by the Securities and […]