Heat Can Affect Your Brain And Mood Here’s Why

AleksandarGeorgiev/Getty Images If you’re feeling a bit brain-fogged these days, you might not be wrong to blame it on the heat. Several summers back, researchers in Boston studied young adults living in college dorm rooms during a heat wave. Some had central AC and slept at a cool 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Others slept in rooms […]

How Pools of Genetic Diversity Affect a Species’ Fate

Samantha Mash for Quanta Magazine A new, deeper understanding of how the breeding structure of species affects their genetic diversity is giving conservationists better tools for saving animals. In March 2018 at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, surrounded by his devoted keepers, Sudan the northern white rhino breathed his last. He wasn’t the only […]

How Autism Can Affect Your Sleep

Anxiety can keep you awake at night (Picture: getty) We’re a nation prone to sleep deprivation and if you have autism, it may be contributing towards your problems. A new survey conducted in partnership with the National Autistic Society found that autistic people have six hours or less of sleep a night on average, with […]

10 Things That Can Affect Your Dreams At Night

Humans have been fascinated by dreams throughout history. Ancient civilizations regarded what we see in our sleep as powerful messages from deities or an essential way to make sense of waking life. Even today, there are societies with deep-rooted “dream cultures,” said Rubin Naiman, a fellow with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and clinical […]

A Little RedBull May Give You Wings, But It Probably Will Not Affect Your Tpe

“Energy drinks” (EDs) often contain high levels of caffeine and sugar, with variable levels of taurine, guarana, other “supplements,” and on occasion, vitamins. Frequently chosen by teens and young adults, the sale of EDs has enjoyed tremendous market growth. Over 4.6 billion cans of the most successful of these beverages, Red Bull, were sold in […]