How To Use Your Voice To Create Interactive Business Contents Through Storify Platform

Storify is a game-changer for interactive content. It allows customers to engage with your brand in a whole new way, creating a personalized experience that keeps them coming back for more.78% of customers prefer getting interactive content over traditional marketing methods. Get them hooked & make them ultimate brand loyalists. Add a personalized touch with […]

5 Predictions For Digital Marketing In 2023

Getty The field of digital marketing is rapidly evolving alongside constant updates to search engine algorithms, consumer shifts and technological progress. Here are five trends I think we can expect to see in this sector in 2023. From the continued rise of artificial intelligence and automation to the increasing role of social media influencers, these […]

Sympathy vs. Empathy: The Key Differences & Social Uses

The suffix -pathy comes from the Greek word for “suffering,” pathos. The U.S. medical system is built around pathology, which simply means diagnosing suffering and treating disease. Similarly, mental health professionals find social connections critically important to the ways that people cope with and overcome suffering, grief, and trauma. Words like sympathy, empathy, and even […]

Microcoaching: The Next Generation Of Personal Development

Microcoaching: the next generation of personal development…getty As the modern workplace evolves, its associated practices must too. An office used to mean a fixed location, now it’s anywhere with an internet connection or something to write with. A multi-million dollar business used to require heaps of staff and complicated infrastructure, now it could be a […]

Psychiatrists are Uncovering Connections Between Viruses and Mental Health

Christina Animashaun/Vox Immune responses to viruses like SARS-CoV-2 may affect mental health, and vice versa. Doctors are uncovering exactly how. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, one of the biggest questions was: Why do some people get so much sicker than others? It’s a question that has forced researchers to confront some deep mysteries of the […]