Take These Steps To Boost Hybrid Learning At Your College, Says Educause

Aleutie / Getty Images Hybrid learning has the potential to make higher education more flexible, accessible and efficient — but not without concerted effort, a new Educause report says. The 2022 Educause Horizon Action Plan: Hybrid Learning, published Monday, includes exercises for institutional leaders looking to maximize the potential of hybrid learning on and off campus. […]

4 Financial Tips for Expecting Founders

Getty Images There are many financial considerations when planning for a new baby. Everything from diapers to daycare, furniture to formula, the latest car seat — and of course, accumulating wealth for future endeavors (like college) — are top of mind for parents. For self-employed parents, there may be additional hurdles to consider, like how […]

The Skills You Need for Happier Relationships With Family

This holiday season, many of us gathered with our families, some for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. While time with loved ones can be heartwarming, family dynamics can also be complex and challenging. We offer insights around some of these relationship challenges and skills for building stronger relationships in our Science of […]

Find Your Own Lucrative eBook Marketplace With Easy Illustrated eBooks Course

Did you know that there are more digital books now sold on Kindle, and other eReading devices than are sold as traditional print books? Just a few years ago this opened up amazing opportunities for the home publisher or author to provide content for this new medium. This was and remains a ravenous buyers market. It was very […]

Game of Tongues: How Duolingo Built A $700 Million Business With Its Addictive Language-Learning App

Beg for your life in Spanish,” demands Duo, a plump green owl. The viral meme circulating on Twitter stars the mascot for Duolingo, the hugely popular language-learning app, downloaded by more than 300 million people worldwide. While the meme is a joke, the real app is plenty insistent. Slack off on your daily Spanish lesson […]