How To Survive and Thrive Through Divorce

Digital Vision/Getty When my former husband and I finally agreed to divorce, our ending was more of a mutual ‘I give up!’ moment than an explosion that blew us apart. We’d been struggling for so long – fighting, living without affection or sex, trying one couples therapist after another – yet here we were on […]

What Makes People Happy? Harvard Study Says Money Isn’t Most Important Factor

A Harvard study running since the 1930s says it’s human connections not money that makes people the … [+]..Getty Images It’s hard to get proof on what makes people happy but there is a longitudinal survey that has been examining happiness since the 1930s and after decades of research, the results have been published in […]

6 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationships In 2023

Hyosun Hwang Relationships are an essential component of a healthy, fulfilling life, but they can take a heck of a lot of work. As 2022 winds down, Well is looking back at some of the relationship-building strategies we covered over the past year to help you deepen your friendships or romantic partnerships going forward. 1. […]

Family Estrangement: Why Adults are Cutting Off Their Parents

(Image credit: Getty Images) Polarized politics and a growing awareness of how difficult relationships can impact our mental health are fueling family estrangement, say psychologists. It was a heated Skype conversation about race relations that led Scott to cut off all contact with his parents in 2019. His mother was angry he’d supported a civil […]

How To Find a Buyer For Your Annuity

Remember to give a discount on the cash value of your payments. According to the industry group, the National Association of Settlement Purchasers, the maximum discount rate in the industry is 18%. If you are looking for a buyer for an annuity, find out how to resell the value of your annuity. The number of […]