The Race To Develop Plastic-Eating Bacteria

AFP via Getty Images In March 2016, scientists in Japan published an extraordinary finding. After scooping up some sludge from outside a bottle recycling facility in Osaka, they discovered bacteria which had developed the ability to decompose, or “eat,” plastic. The bacteria, Ideonella sakaiensis, was only able to eat a particular kind of plastic called […]

Why You’re Gaining Weight Suddenly, According to Doctors and Dietitians

Photo by Malte Mueller/Getty Images It’s understandable when you gain a few pounds after vacation or if you break your ankle and spend six weeks propped on the sofa bingeing obscure British cooking shows (and the chocolate scones to go with them). But when you can’t zip your jeans for no freaking reason at all […]

4 Signs of Burnout In Your Teen and How To Help Them Through It

MyTutor for Parents They’ve been hearing about exams for ages. So it’s no surprise that lots of teens are feeling overwhelmed by the time exam season rolls in. To help you spot burnout in your teen, we’ll go over 4 signs to look out for– plus 4 ways you can support them through it, so […]

Stress Eating? Here’s How To Train Your Brain To Crave Healthy Foods

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION: Stress can make us eat more and gain belly fat. But you can also retrain your brain to crave healthier food when you’re stressed.(Linnea Bullion For The Washington Post) Concerns about inflation, the economy, the lingering effects of the pandemic and other global crises have caused stress levels in the United States to […]

The Art of Eating Well in Antarctica

In 1916, when a Chilean ship rescued a group of shipwrecked British explorers on a failed attempt at the first land crossing of Antarctica, the men were on the brink of starvation. They’d resorted to gathering limpets and seaweed to eat with stewed seal bones. By the time the Chilean crew gave them a full […]