Why Having a Pet Is Good For You and Your Family

Auscape/Getty Images Owning a pet can positively impact not only your health but also your lifestyle. Couples who own a pet together have lower blood pressure and interact with each other more than couples who do not own a pet. Studies show that pet owners are more likely to get to know people in their […]

Money Is Emotional But Personal Finance Advice Rarely Accounts For That

Shanée Benjamin for Vox Financial literacy the ability to understand how money works in your life is considered the secret to taking control of your finances. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, but information alone doesn’t lead to transformation. In putting financial literacy above all else, many in the personal finance industry have decided […]

These ‘Smart’ Financial Moves Are Actually Not Great

Photo: Doucefleur (Shutterstock) One of the most complicated relationships in our lives is the one we have with money. There’s so much money out there in the world—so much that it’s actually pretty difficult to figure out an exact total—and yet you probably don’t feel like you have enough of it. Even if you’re pretty […]

12 Important Life Skills Dads Wish They Taught Their Kids Sooner

How to “square up” failure. How to use tools properly. How to take care of your home. When we asked a group of dads about the life skill they wish they taught their kids sooner, the answers revealed a simple truth: there’s always more to teach and, looking back, some of the things that are […]

The Future Of Sales And The Pervasiveness Of Technology

getty I was recently a guest speaker at the Sales Leadership Conference organized by Dr. Karen Peesker, Co-Founder of the Sales Leadership Institute, a department at the Toronto Metropolitan University (formally Ryerson University) in Toronto, Canada. The conference was hosted by the Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University) in […]