Bitcoin Is Up 120% This Year, Here Are Four Other Cryptos To Buy, HODL Or Sell

PHOTOTHEK VIA GETTY IMAGES For crypto markets, it is the best of times and the worst of times. Yesterday the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance pleaded guilty to criminal charges and will pay a record $4.3 billion fine to the U.S. Department of Justice and the CFTC. Its billionaire founder Changpeng Zhao agreed to step […]

Bitcoin Miners Earnings Hit Record $44M Amid Difficulty and Hashrate ATH

The Bitcoin mining community celebrated a milestone on November 12, as Bitcoin miners earnings reach an annual all-time high of over $44 million in block rewards and transaction fees. This resurgence follows a challenging period marked by a prolonged bear market and regulatory obstacles. However, a turnaround in 2023, driven by Bitcoin entrepreneurs, rising market prices, […]

Why Tokenization Is Failing

Getty Images On July 17, 2023 two partners from the McKinsey consultancy took the stage at the New York Stock Exchange to tell dozens of government regulators and financial executives about the charms of the blockchain, insisting that its utility goes far beyond the scandal-ridden cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, ether, solana and the more than 10,000 […]

4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Tech for Your Business

Maskot | Getty Images Technology is often thought of as the antidote to business woes. Once you get the right tech in place, the thinking goes, you’ll start doing whatever it is you do much faster, better and more efficiently. The thing about technology, though, is that new advancements hit the market daily. Just think […]

A Live 5-Day Workshop With Sean Donahoe Walking Students Through Creating The Ultimate Freedom Business

The “Yellow Brick Formula” is based on a brand new process we have been teaching to a PRIVATE group of online entrepreneurs and traders for the last 2 years to generate REAL WEALTH without worry using just ONE SKILL without all the complications of online business models. No traffic, products, ads, funnels, ecom, affiliate marketing, […]