Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Course

Have​ you​ ever felt stressed – to the point of having an occasional chest pain? ​Do you often​ have back and muscle pain, cramps and joint pain?​How about poor sleep, chronic fatigue and anxiety? ​Have you wondered why ​pain and tension just won’t go, despite you taking pain killers and even having an occasional massage? ​​​​​Have […]

Healthy Eating – Eat Right, Be Bright

If you were going to hire an expert on this, to show you how it’s done, you could easily find yourself investing hundreds of dollars for this sort of coaching. In fact, many people invest hundreds and thousands of dollars to get into coaching programs or attend workshops… But, you won’t have to invest anywhere […]

Defy Aging PLR (Aging-Relations)

Healthy Aging PLR is the done-for-you package that includes everything you have to dominate the topic. JR Lang gives you the 280 piece of the top quality content which you can edit, brand, and profit in many ways. It is perfect for any target audience and pretty much any niche. It helps you to earn […] | Why Strength Training for Runners Increases Performance (and Prevents Injury) | “You heard it here first…if you haven’t already heard it elsewhere”… Why Strength Training for Runners Increases Performance (and Prevents Injury) Most people turn to running when they are looking for an exercise that gets them outdoors, provides a mental escape, and packs a major load of health benefits to boot. Because running […] […]

How Linus Pauling duped America into believing vitamin C cures colds

(Source: You wake up with a stuffy nose and your first reaction might be to down a glass of orange juice. Don’t bother: everything we know about research shows that mega-doses of vitamin C are absolutely, positively useless at fighting colds. All that extra orange juice will do nothing to shorten your sniffles. This […] […]

How a new health commission could help reduce smoking in China

(Source: China is hoping that a change to its government structure will help the campaign to get some of the country’s 350 million smokers to quit the habit. As part of a sweeping reshuffle, a new health commission will take over from the industry ministry as the government body responsible for tobacco control, implementing […] […]

Mum of two said she cured her breast cancer with £100 cannabis oil

A mum-of-two has claimed that she cured her aggressive breast cancer for under £100 thanks to drinking one drop of cannabis oil per day. Dee Mani, 44, found a lump in her breast in March 2017 and after being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, she was offered chemotherapy and radiotherapy to save her life. […] […]

The Most Important Healthy Eating Tip

Food is so important when you look at the equation of achieving long term results, so this blog is dedicated to the importance of health eating! You hear it from your doctor, on the news, in magazines and online. The consensus is clear: in order to have your best body in good health, you must […]

Mediterranean’ diet may boost IVF chances

(Source: A Mediterranean diet involves eating little red meat, and lots of fruit and veggies, legumes such as peas and beans, unrefined cereals, fish, and vegetable oil Women who follow a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, and olive oil may stand a better chance of falling pregnant through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), […] […]

What Too Much Salt Actually Does To Your Body | “You heard it here first…if you haven’t already heard it elsewhere”… What Too Much Salt Actually Does To Your Body Food is one of the major things that cuts across cultures, languages and people and this is so majorly because we need to satisfy the pangs of hunger any time they come calling. […] […]

7 Fatty Foods With Health Benefits

For years you’ve heard that eating saturated fat is like pouring superglue into your arteries. But the fact is, this forbidden fat actually increases your HDL (good) cholesterol, which helps remove plaque from your artery walls, decreasing your risk of heart disease. So quit depriving yourself and start eating these seven foods—without guilt. Beef Most […]

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Lung Problems

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to impaired lung function and could worsen symptoms of asthma and other respiratory disease symptoms in adults, a study has found. Researchers from the University of Western Australia and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital tested serum vitamin D levels, lung function and respiratory symptoms in more than 5000 baby boomers.… via […]

Concierge Medicine – Learn The Differences in Practice Models

Jan 18, 2018 | By John W. Mitchell, MS Concierge cardiologists report high job satisfaction along with more stable practice revenue, but experts caution specialists to learn about the differences in practice models. Response to stresses Concierge medicine has its roots in dissatisfaction. Driven by both physicians and patients who long for more face […] via […]

Garment aims to help breast cancer survivors

Surgery scar cover is a rare exception to Japan’s traditional no-clothes-in-the-bath rule. For communal bathing in Japan, whether at a natural onsen hot spring or a piped-in sento public bath, the general rule is that everyone in the tub is supposed to be naked. Stepping into the tub while wearing a bathing suit or wrapped… via […]

Selling Infected Human Remains- Health Facts

Donated bodies play an essential role in medical education, training and research. Cadavers (corpses) and body parts are used to train medical students, doctors, nurses and dentists. Surgeons say no mannequin or computer simulation can replicate the tactile response and emotional experience of practicing on human body parts. Paramedics, for example, use human […] via SELLING […]

The best medical professionals view the entire family as their patient

In 30+ years of life, I have never had more than just a few months without at least one medical appointment. Usually, there seems to be just a few weeks between various appointments. (My case of Neurofibromatosis keeps them in business!) I have also been to countless appointments where I was not the patient. Throughout […] […]