The Top 10 Home Business Ideas for 2023 

Marko Geber | Getty Images Starting your own business doesn’t mean buying retail real estate and hiring employees. Many of the best small businesses can be run right out of your home – some don’t even require you to leave your computer chair. Many of the best online businesses can be accomplished full-time without tons […]

Need Some Help? Here’s How To Hire a Remote Assistant

illustration by Matt Chase In 2012, Craig Goodliffe needed an assistant to help him run his real estate and consulting businesses in Ogden, Utah. He posted a local ad for the job, but got a reply from a woman, Daphne, in the Philippines. The Southeast Asian nation used to be a hotbed for telemarketers. As […]

The End of Home Ownership 

For generations, middle-class Canadians have been sold on the promise of homeownership. The promise was always flawed. Today it’s simply broken. I was born in Vancouver in 1987, and I’ve lived here nearly all my life. Anyone of my generation who grew up in this city spent their youth hearing constantly about the twin dangers […]

Ways Through Which Blockchain Will Transform The Shape of The Financial Industry

Like data is the new oil, the Blockchain industry is the new Gold, real Estate, or another king in the financial market that will always benefit you. Who would have thought that a virtual currency will be changing the shape and course of the world’s financial industry in such a tangible way? Well, it’s happening, […]

Fixed Rate Mortgage Deals: Should You Refinance Now or Wait and See

Unsplash With interest rates set to double, hundreds of thousands of Londoners on ultra-cheap fixed-rate mortgage deals face an awful dilemma: pay hefty cancellation changes to refinance today, or hope they can afford to refinance when their current deals expire. Prediction is very difficult,” quipped Nobel-winning physicist Niels Bohr, “especially if it’s about the future.” […]