Mind and The Radio Analogy

I happened to read an interesting piece of philosophy. As the time passed by with the dawn of the spring, it turned into an analogy between the mechanistic view and radio. Yep, a radio from the era gone by. To the younger generations who have been deprived of the charm of a radio, it is […] […]

A Few Things of Life

Dang. This week. It started for me in Vermont (which was so good! a report is coming!), and by the time I got home… Well, everything was horrible. Specifically: California is burning. And it’s happening just north of here, in places where we visit often, where we have friends who live and who have been […] […]

Here’s the science behind why some people love animals and others couldn’t care less

(Source: http://www.businessinsider.com) The recent popularity of “designer” dogs, cats, micro-pigs and other pets may seem to suggest that pet keeping is no more than a fad. Indeed, it is often assumed that pets are a Western affectation, a weird relic of the working animals kept by communities of the past. About half of the households […]

Keys to Passion II — BayArt

Now when we read about Paul in chains in a dank cold jail cell we put him up in a place of reverence because he endured this hardship but continued to serve God. I am sure if you were sitting right next to him your thoughts on the situation would drastically change. I would hope…… via […]

‌Have fun – Happiness Trends

‌Attraction shouldn’t feel like hard work, it should be enjoyable. Everything must happen naturally and will happen once set in motion. ‌No need to rush things or force creation making it feel like hard work. ‌Everything you want to attract will come to you naturally and in its own time so long as you keep […] […]