Luft Coffee – Minimalist Cafe With Hawaiian Concept In The Heart Of Myeongdong, Seoul

(Source: by admin [Seoul] Hawaiian concept, minimalist look, in the heart of Myeongdong. Sounds contrasting, but Lufe Coffee somehow comes together well. It is a cosy and comfortable café where travellers, local from the neighbourhood, busy executives, to young Seoulites go for coffee. The factor that makes Luft Coffee so unique and interesting is […] […]

Coffee Shops: Recent Controversies Raise The Question Of When Owners Can Refuse Service To Those With Opposing Views — JONATHAN TURLEY

A viral video from a Seattle coffee shop illustrates the growing tension between free speech and religious exercise values. In the Facebook video, Ben Borgman — the owner of Bedlam Coffee shop — throw a Christian group out of his shop while spewing vulgar and obscene comments about their views. There are a growing number […]

Ring in the Fall with this delicious pumpkin smoothie bowl

What better way to kick start the first week of Fall than with a yummy pumpkin smoothie bowl? Well, technically it’s Fall, even though in Toronto we are going through a heat wave right now (41°C or 105.4 °F with the humidity). In my mind, no matter how hot it is, I feel like pumpkin […] […]

The FDA Is Coming Around to the Idea That Cheese, Microbes, and Mold Can Work Just Fine

Fuzzy ashen mold billows around wheels of cheese stacked on wooden planks at La Ferme de L’Abérieux. Inside its cheese cave nestled in the hills of Cordon, southeastern France, proprietor Albert Bottollier Depois removes one wheel and lowers it to the wide eyes of two children. “Mushrooms,” he says threading his fingers through the cloudy… via […]

Chanterelles with sour cream — Cooking without Limits

I am crazy about wild mushrooms, so have patience with me. I love to find them in the woods and to cook them. My satisfaction is when I find them, not when I buy them. This love for foraging was transmitted by my parents since I was a child. Now I am passing this love […] […]

Eat Real, Drink Real, Really Fast

That’s all, folks. The manuscript for Real Food, Really Fast is locked in, speeding out to the printer as we speak. It’s been a brief but intense journey to this point, but now one of the most difficult parts of the process lies ahead: The wait. January 16th, the tentative release date, feels like a […] […]