Psychology Of Weight Loss

Instead of thinking about weight loss negatively, you should say I will, I can and I will succeed. You will be more confident while saying each of these things to yourself once you learn how to change your mindset. To motivate yourself, you should know the value of motivation and how it can help you […]

Alphatox Fitness Tea

Alphatox is a Health and Fitness Lifestyle Company aiming to help in the efforts of promoting a healthier generation through natural means. We stand by our saying that quality is always more paramount than quantity. Our teas are composed of 100% natural, organically grown, and premium ingredients. We aim to show the world that there […]


 Since we started Food52 (we cook 52 weeks a year, get it?), millions of cooks and eaters have found their way to the site.We promise you’ll find hundreds of beautiful, one-of-a-kind products for your home—all from a dedicated team who curates only the very best.So go on, treat yourself! We can tell this is the […]

5 Alternatives to Trendy Superfoods That Are Just as Healthy — TIME

Can’t stomach any more kale or quinoa? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of my clients aren’t fans of the latest trendy superfoods. Fortunately for anyone with an aversion to chia seeds and goji berries, there are equally good-for-you alternatives. Each of the replacements below contains similar nutrients but differs in texture or flavor—so you… via […]