Better Rotors, Higher Heights Thanks To NASA’s Dual-Planet Presence

NASA/JPL-Caltech There aren’t any organizations other than NASA that can claim they are operating on two different planets (at least none we know of from here on Earth). The space agency is now using that reach to create better helicopter blades on Earth and to push the Ingenuity Helicopter to greater heights on Mars. “Our […]

A Quick Guide to Developing Recipes

One of the most important aspects of professional cooking is developing recipes. A well-developed recipe achieves balance and consistency. In this quick guide, we will discuss the steps chefs follow in developing recipes, and how meez has enhanced the recipe development process. Inspiration and Ideation Chefs can be inspired by art, seasonality, architecture, makers, ingredients […]

The 5 Most Commonly Reported Covid-19 Symptoms

  The official list of Covid-19 symptoms should be expanded as the existing one could “miss many Covid-19 cases”, experts have argued. The UK should follow other countries and include a broader range of symptoms, according to a group of scientists. Classic symptoms of Covid-19, listed on the NHS website, are a high temperature, a […]

5 Key Variables That Will Impact Our Return To “Normal”

As vaccines roll out around the world, the question on everybody’s mind, is what does the journey back to “normal” look like? A new normal won’t return at the flip of a switch. We need to understand what’s happening, and we need trusted data to do that. So what should we be tracking? What metrics […]

Ford Doubling Investment In Electric Cars And Trucks To $22 Billion

Ford released its fourth quarter 2020 financial results Thursday after the markets closed and posted a net loss for the quarter of $2.8 billion and $1.3 billion for the full year. None of that was surprising. However, Ford also announced a doubling of its investment in electrified vehicles to $22 billion through 2025 and an […]