Finding A Good Company To Work Might Just Be A Myth

Layla* says it’s the prestige that keeps her working on the sales team at Google. “It never hurts to have Google on your resume,” the 23-year-old tells Refinery29. “I definitely feel like I get more attention.” And why wouldn’t she? Google rules the tech world, and this year the company ranks at number seven on […]

Wasting Time Looking For Conversations In ChatGPT

It’s a real time-suck, and the more you use ChatGPT, the more critical it becomes to have easy access to your conversation’s content.And for those who provide services for clients, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack with a blindfold on.It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out trying […]

3 Reasons Empathy Is Vital For The Solidifying Of Business Partnerships

Empathy is vital for the forming, strengthening and maintenance of long-term, highly effective … [+]..Getty Images When it comes to the traits that help solidify business partnerships, attributes like trust and a willingness to collaborate to find win-win solutions can play a key role in building a strong, mutually beneficial relationship. But how do you […]

The Power of Empathy in the Workplace

iStock Image -1023552044 We’ve all had those moments of pure attention, when it seems everyone in the room is attracted to your energy. Yet for many of us, that place is difficult to tap into. Your mind races with nervousness about something previously said and you worry about what to say next, each distraction lessening […]