Should You Hire An AI Consultant? Here’s When It’s the Right Move, and When It’s Not

Create Labs As generative AI rose in prominence this year, Jayesh Gadewar had a thought: We can use this to leapfrog our competitors. He’s the cofounder of Scrut Automation, a startup that builds compliance and security software for businesses, but as far as AI, they just didn’t have the expertise. So he did what many other leaders are now […]

Fiduciary Vs. Financial Advisor: What’s the Difference?

VioletaStoimenova/Getty Images Whether you’re searching for the best retirement plan, thinking about future education expenses, or looking at estate planning strategies, seeking out a professional is usually the best way to reach your financial goals. But not all financial and investment experts are guaranteed to put your best interest first. Fiduciaries and financial advisors have […]

KlickCourse Has An Amazingly Easy Way To Easily Build Course Variations

KlickCourse is a program built for ambitious marketers and educators who want to profit from their knowledge. With this incredible product, you can create immersive and engaging courses (with certificates and rewards). Your students will feel motivated to go to the end of the lessons, boosting their skills and expertise! Since its release, KlickCourse has enjoyed […]

The Top 50 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Advertising market trends 1.Programmatic Advertising What is programmatic advertising? It means advertisers automate ad buying to target more specific audiences. This type of automation results in faster and efficient bidding. Advertisers then, have to spend less time and effort planning the ad bidding and buying. How does programmatic advertising work? Step 1 – a user clicks on the webpage […]