L’email marketing, le canal d’acquisition et de fidélisation incontournable d’une stratégie marketing performante

From www.leptidigital.fr Canal de communication web historique, l’email marketing reste en 2018 un canal d’acquisition et de fidélisation incontournable dans une stratégie webmarketing globale. Relativement peu coûteux à mettre en place, voici 3 raisons pourquoi l’emailing devrait rester au cœur des stratégies marketing des entreprises en

Healing From an Affair

From donnajeanbooks.com Healing From an Affair PDF ebook full download. I wish I could do it over again. Either have moved out and stayed with her, or never moved out at all. I have hurt my AP and she deserves better. She deserves someone that can go out with her anytime they choose, someone that she […]

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party in Your Facebook Group : Social Media Examiner

From www.socialmediaexaminer.com – Discover how to run a Facebook watch party inside your Facebook group so you can watch and comment on videos together. Peg Corwin’s insight: Facebook marketers with groups, now you can host a party in your group where you view, react to and discuss pre-recorded videos.  Would be great for engagement.

Three Active Learning Strategies You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

From www.facultyfocus.com A 2015 survey of Faculty Focus readers found that the number one barrier preventing faculty from implementing the flipped classroom model and other active learning experiences into their courses is TIME. Faculty reported they don’t have time to plan extra learner-centered activities, due to increasing responsibilities, and they don’t have time to implement […]

LGBT Bold Introduces Michaela Mendelsohn

From lgbtbold.blogspot.com Michaela Mendelsohn can talk about her relentless work as a transgender activist, helping the restaurant industry become more inclusive and better tap the talent pool of transgender employees with her TransCanWork.org non-profit company.

Autism and Anxiety – 5 Ways to be a Support via Kalyn Falk

From ca.ctrinstitute.com To someone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), an anxiety burst feels like an internal hurricane: overwhelming, devastating and intense. The only response is to batten down the hatches and shut down, or to let the hurricane out to express itself in a variety of challenging behaviors, including injury to self and others. As […]

(Empathy in Healthcare) A Dose Of Empathy Is All Some Patients Need

From www.huffingtonpost.co.uk Our review suggests Cochrane and Anne’s empathy aren’t just the stuff of stories. Empathic and positive communication seems to improve conditions ranging from lung function and length of hospital stay, to pain, patient satisfaction, and quality of life. From related research, we also understand more and more about how positive empathic communication works. […]

10 Things That Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day

From brightside.me Have you ever heard the saying by Hippocrates, “Walking is a man’s best medicine?” We’d go further by stating that walking combined with good sleep and a healthy diet can help you avoid the doctor altogether. As little as 15-30 minutes of walking every day can drastically improve not only a person’s overall appearance, but health as well.

Researchers digitize writing with cheap, touch-sensitive paper

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a paper that can track touch, which, among other applications, could lead to an inexpensive way to digitize writing. They’re presenting their work this week at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. The paper itself is your typical, run-of-the-mill paper, but conductive material is […]

Facebook Ads Authority – Advanced Targeting Techniques To Find The Perfect Audience

What you’ll discover in this eBook: How to set up your Facebook Page and advertising account How to create your first Facebook Ad Advanced targeting techniques to find the perfect audience for your offer The different types of audiences you can target The different types of ads you can create How to write amazing ad […]

Board Commander – How To Use From 93% Of Pinterest Users To Plan Purchases

Grab Board Commander today and get a pass to join the growing Board Commander family on Facebook. This means exclusive access to marketers of all levels to see their results with the system, get tons of advice/help and even working campaigns you can copy. Plus you’ll get direct access to Stefan as well who will […]

Link Master Pro – How To Bypass Vendors Pages To Your Page & Snag Your Traffic

You use your email list, ads, your blog, or some other method to send traffic to the sales page of an affiliate product you are promoting. For one reason or another the potential customer decides not to make a purchase and goes to leave the sales page. But just as they do, the vendor hits […]

Can Research Keep Up with Edtech?

From www.thetechedvocate.org “Traditionally, teachers would be assigned a textbook and asked to use it. They were likely unaware of the many steps that the publisher of the text had taken to create, vet, edit, and review everything that went into that textbook. The book might not have been fascinating to students, but the information in […]

Why Students Learn Better When They Teach (+ 4 Activities) – Edwords Blog – BAM! Radio Network

From www.bamradionetwork.com When You Teach Something You Get To Learn It Twice – Jim Kwik “Cameron, a former student of mine, who is now in college, commented on my recent post about efficient and effective learning titled Too Much What, Not Enough How. Here’s what he wrote on Facebook: “‘As a student who graduated with a […]


From leesadultasalearnersite.wordpress.com Connectivism- is this an informal learning theory or is it a combination of learning theories based on our digital age? The simple fact is that information, unlike in the past, is now available to anyone who has an internet connection. Because of the explosion of information, learning is not something confined to a […]

Want a happier life? Spark deep conversations (storytelling) even at networking events!

From www.inc.com It’s time to delete questions like ‘what do you do?’ and ‘where do you live?’ from your vocabulary forever. Dr. Karen Dietz’s insight: What a great article sharing research that correlates having meaningful conversations with personal happiness!   Meaningful conversations very often happen when stories are being shared. So there are questions at the […]