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Tips to start your own vegetable garden

Having your own outdoor space can be a wonderful thing for your health in so many ways. Not only does it give you some private outdoor space to relax surrounded by nature, take in some fresh air and work off some calories whilst gardening,…


Earth Laughs in Flowers — Discover

Whether you’re an aspiring gardener or just looking for a new blog to spend a few (soothing) minutes in, you’ll love the garden and flower photography on Jude’s blog. via Earth Laughs in Flowers — Discover       Your kindly Donations would be so…

7 Ideas For Creating Cozy Garden Nooks – kellogggarden

Close your eyes for a moment and remember when you were a kid, and it was summer. Think about the endless hours you spent in your backyard, relaxing and sometimes doing absolutely nothing. Glorious, wasn’t it? So, now that you’re a bonafide grown-up, who’s…

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