How To Find Influencers To Partner With Your Brand

Did you know that influencer marketing was worth $13.8 billion in 2021? That’s according to Influencer Marketing Hub, which also reported that 59% of brands had a standalone budget for content marketing. Since 75% of those surveyed intended to dedicate a budget to influencer marketing, your company or brand may not be far behind. Influencer marketing […]

Why Your Idea of Influencer Marketing Is Outdated

While influencer marketing has become a mainstay for marketers, this doesn’t mean that marketers should start getting comfortable. As social apps start to integrate more creative functions to suit their users’ needs, an increasing number of users have started to become creators in their own right. Anyone with a smartphone can create content, but those […]

How BrandElevate Works With Top Level Influencers In Your Business Niche

Social media is shaping our lives, and it’s influencing the way we connect, communicate & make decisions in the 21st Century. From brand reputation & credibility to product quality assessment & recommendations, customers now rely heavily on social media. According to a recent survey, over 82% of people trust social networks to guide purchasing decisions, […]

BrandElevate The World’s First 4 In 1 Traffic Suite To Collaborate With Influential People In Your Niche Marketing

To run a successful & sustainable business In this new landscape of marketing, you need to build brand authority, trust, credibility, and Show leadership within your niche market, or you’ll lose out In A Big Way… As entrepreneurs, we are often faced with all kinds of challenges. As a result, we’re constantly multitasking, learning new […]

The Top 50 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Advertising market trends 1.Programmatic Advertising What is programmatic advertising? It means advertisers automate ad buying to target more specific audiences. This type of automation results in faster and efficient bidding. Advertisers then, have to spend less time and effort planning the ad bidding and buying. How does programmatic advertising work? Step 1 – a user clicks on the webpage […]