How To Deal With Automatic Negative Thoughts

It’s normal to have negative thoughts – but when these thoughts become automatic, they can become a problem. Here, an expert explains the psychology behind ‘automatic negative thoughts’ and how to deal with them. The human brain does a lot of thinking. In fact, research suggests that we could have up to 6,000 thoughts every […]

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What Makes People Happy? Harvard Study Says Money Isn’t Most Important Factor

A Harvard study running since the 1930s says it’s human connections not money that makes people the … [+]..Getty Images It’s hard to get proof on what makes people happy but there is a longitudinal survey that has been examining happiness since the 1930s and after decades of research, the results have been published in […]

How to Emotionally Support Your Customers Through Content

Your customers make 35,000 decisions each day, and emotions play a role in a staggering 90% of their day. This means there’s major overlap, and the bulk of those decisions are made when your customers are emotional. If you’re not prioritizing your customers’ emotions in all of your content creation, you’re potentially making most of their […]

6 Steps to Safely Switch Careers

Tassii | Getty Images If you’ve been in the same industry for a while now but have been nursing a feeling that it isn’t your true calling, you’re not alone. The average American changes careers five-to-seven times in their lifetime, and 30 percent change jobs or careers every 12 months. This sort of frequent disruption might not […]