The Future Of Sales And The Pervasiveness Of Technology

getty I was recently a guest speaker at the Sales Leadership Conference organized by Dr. Karen Peesker, Co-Founder of the Sales Leadership Institute, a department at the Toronto Metropolitan University (formally Ryerson University) in Toronto, Canada. The conference was hosted by the Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University) in […]

Liquid Staking: Crypto’s New Phantom Money Machine

Fernando Capeto for Forbes; Photo by PM Images/Getty Images Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is sitting on a $1.5 billion pile of phantom cryptocurrency pegged to the price of ether. Binance has a similar $750 million stash. These tokens, created to be used in what are essentially lending programs, are just entries in the exchanges’ computers, but […]

RPSExpress The Art of Tax Credit & Rebate Business

RPS Express is a revolutionary product that has already helped countless entrepreneurs across the United States to receive a tax credit and rebate from the government. As a result, they have saved thousands of dollars, and now it’s your turn to do the same. Are you tired of struggling with selling and fulfilling your local […]

Repeat Business is Now Essential To Helping Offline or Online Businesses Survive Today

Did you know that most of a small business’s revenue doesn’t come from new leads, but from repeat customers now? A study by BIAKelsey, 61% of mom-and-pop businesses report that the majority of their revenue is now from a handful of repeat customers. Small businesses everywhere are struggling and need immediate marketing help to survive. […]

Is Crypto About To Go Extinct?

[Nataliia Shulga/Al Jazeera] It will likely survive, but only after more firms and currencies crash and burn. Here’s why. As the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the championship game of the National Football League last February, an unlikely set of players made a splash off the field, in living rooms across the […]