The Skills You Need for Happier Relationships With Family

This holiday season, many of us gathered with our families, some for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. While time with loved ones can be heartwarming, family dynamics can also be complex and challenging. We offer insights around some of these relationship challenges and skills for building stronger relationships in our Science of […]

How To Bring More Gratitude Into Your Life and Improve Your Mental Health

How do you go about cultivating more gratitude? (Picture: Getty/ This isn’t to say gratitude is a bad thing – far from it. But when wielded as a weapon, it gets a bad rap.Gratitude, viewed properly, as being thankful for the good things in your life, can be a powerful thing. There’s a wealth of […]

Loneliness In Kids Who Learn and Think Differently

Kids who learn and think differently aren’t the only ones who can feel lonely or “apart” from other kids. Most people feel that way at some point. But research shows that kids who learn and think differently are more likely than their peers to struggle with loneliness. And they often have a harder time dealing […]

The Effects of Self-Centered Parenting on Children

Many children suffer grave emotional problems from living with a self-absorbed parent. The child is disregarded and used as an extension of the parent. Often, this means the child’s physical wants and needs, points of view, and emotional needs go unmet. The Role-Reversal Relationship Everything revolves around the self-absorbed parent. The relationship is one-sided and […]

An Excess of Empathy Can Be Bad For Your Mental Health

Have you found yourself irritable, sad or close to tears when watching the news lately? If so, you are not alone.Experiencing empathy has its benefits, but there are also many downsides to it, which is why we must learn to practise healthy empathy. Empathy is an ability to sync emotionally and cognitively with another person; […]