Money Is Emotional But Personal Finance Advice Rarely Accounts For That

Shanée Benjamin for Vox Financial literacy the ability to understand how money works in your life is considered the secret to taking control of your finances. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, but information alone doesn’t lead to transformation. In putting financial literacy above all else, many in the personal finance industry have decided […]

Measuring The Total Economic Impact Of Unified Endpoint Management

Getty images Today, the average IT organization is spending at least 5%1 of their organization’s annual revenue on IT investments – and the cost of each investment spans far beyond its price tag. Each one needs to be deployed and maintained by IT staff that is grappling with more tools and software products than ever […]

Digital Transformation As A Service Is Poised To Drive Enterprise Growth

Patients and visitors in Huzhou Central Hospital: Lenovo worked with the facility, which houses 1,500 beds and has an outpatient capacity of 6,000, to build a digital solution to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses of chronic diseases. Source: Perkins&Will. Organizations are partnering with tech providers to build end-to-end solutions, encompassing strategic planning, systems […]

8 Lessons Business Leaders Must Embrace During an Organizational Transformation

Rawpxiel Organizational transformation with a significant digital presence is like navigating a major city’s subway system. You get on one train, only to get off at the next stop and board another. And so it continues. But, unlike a hapless visitor clinging to the hope that the next leg will be the final one, you […]

How To Break Into The Growing Electric Vehicle Industry

getty The rise of electric vehicles in the United States is by no means a fad, temporary trend or mistake. From my perspective, leading an electrical components manufacturer for nearly a decade, I have seen the rapid growth of the EV space firsthand. At the outset, I was optimistic about the growth potential of the […]