Take These Steps To Boost Hybrid Learning At Your College, Says Educause

Aleutie / Getty Images Hybrid learning has the potential to make higher education more flexible, accessible and efficient — but not without concerted effort, a new Educause report says. The 2022 Educause Horizon Action Plan: Hybrid Learning, published Monday, includes exercises for institutional leaders looking to maximize the potential of hybrid learning on and off campus. […]

The Secret Weapon For Crushing Workplace Communication Barriers

While hype around the metaverse hasn’t gone anywhere, there’s something brewing that’s actually being practically applied in companies: AR instead of VR. Although Apple’s Vision Pro is at this point ludicrously expensive, there are far cheaper options that are already providing practical benefits. As enterprises adapt to the fluid landscape of remote and in-office work, […]

Why Dizziness Is Still a Medical Mystery

Vartika Sharma Balance disorders like vertigo can be devastating for patients—but they’re often invisible to the doctors who treat them. One morning last August, while making my bed, my entire visual field shifted sharply to the left, as though I were watching a movie and someone had bumped into the projector. After half a second, […]

How New Innovations Are Helping Prevent Retail Injuries

Getty According to the US Department of Labor, workplace injuries cost an estimated $161.5 billion yearly. In Wholesale and Retail Trade (WRT) establishments, lost workday injuries are caused mainly by slips, trips, and falls. A study in the United States in 2020 found that falls accounted for 33% of nonfatal injuries, making it the highest […]

10 Most Important Leadership Skills For The 21st Century Workplace

Adobe Stock With the rise of the gig economy and with many companies adopting flatter, more flexible organizational structures, now is the perfect time to refocus on what good leadership looks like. Because, in our rapidly changing workplaces, leadership will apply to more people than ever before. You may be overseeing a project that requires […]