Self-Silencing Is Making Women Sick

Anna Parini for TIME “Be more disappointing” is not a piece of advice most people would pay money to hear, but in my therapy office, it’s often the most valuable guidance I can give. My clients are mostly women, and nearly all of them struggle with a fear of disappointing others. Our culture rewards women […]

The Pregnancy Penalty: Dismantling Stigmas In The Workplace

getty Pregnancy can be one of the most transformative experiences in a woman’s life. But for many, a positive test also heightens anxiety about one’s career, and how others will react to the news. During my first pregnancy I gained weight early on, and remember one of my bosses saying it looked like I had […]

Women Are Far Less Financially Prepared For Retirement Than Men

A study by TransAmerica found that men have more than double the retirement savings of women. (iStock) Many women aren’t financially prepared for retirement, according to a recent report from TransAmerica. Men have about twice as much money saved for retirement ($118,000) than women do ($57,000). Of concern, nearly a quarter (24%) of women currently have […]

How Embedded Finance Can Unlock Funding For Female Founders

A woman surrounded by US banknotes of various denominations, 1979. (Photo by Alfred Gescheidt/Getty … [+]..Getty Images Embedded finance allows female entrepreneurs without backgrounds in Wall Street or Silicon Valley to break into fintech, creating a new wave of founders who may have previously felt excluded from finance and technology. Fintech has the potential to […]

Female CMOs are Building Some of Fintech’s Fastest-Growing Brands

iStock via Getty Images They’re “rapidly expanding financial services by … creating brands that deeply resonate with their customers,” said Jennifer Tramontana, founder of fintech-focused marketing firm The Fletcher Group. Women represent less than 11% of board members and 19% of company executives in the fintech industry, market researcher Findexable found in 2021. Less than […]