ChatGPT Is Losing Users. Is The Artificial Intelligence Craze Over?

Is a decline in users for ChatGPT an indication that AI was never an enduring trend? Getty Traffic to ChatGPT’s website and app fell 9.7% in June from the previous month, the Washington Post reported. It’s an indication that artificial intelligence, introduced to a wide consumer audience with the launch of ChatGPT only six months […]

Why Your Idea of Influencer Marketing Is Outdated

While influencer marketing has become a mainstay for marketers, this doesn’t mean that marketers should start getting comfortable. As social apps start to integrate more creative functions to suit their users’ needs, an increasing number of users have started to become creators in their own right. Anyone with a smartphone can create content, but those […]

Can Quantum Physics Explain Consciousness

We asked a theoretical physicist, an experimental physicist, and a professor of philosophy to weigh in. During the 20th century, researchers pushed the frontiers of science further than ever before with great strides made in two very distinct fields. While physicists discovered the strange counter-intuitive rules that govern the subatomic world, our understanding of how […]

A Critical Piece Of The Machine Economy: The People

70% of GDP growth in the global economy between now and 2030 will be driven by the machines, according to PwC. This is a near $7 trillion dollar contribution to U.S. GDP based around the combined production from artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and embedded devices. This is the rise of a new machine economy. […]

How to Ensure Love Doesn’t End Your Business

Surely you have ever heard that mixing love and business is not a very good option, which is not necessarily true, since the success of a business will always depend on how its owners manage it and not on their kinship. The simple fact of starting a business is a great challenge that generates fear, […]