Inside Apple’s Impossible War On Child Exploitation

Getty Images Joe Mollick had spent much of his life dreaming of becoming a rich and famous oncologist, a luminary of cancer treatment, the man who would cure the disease for good. It was a quixotic quest for the 60-year-old, one that left him defeated and hopelessly isolated. He turned to pornography to ease his […]

How Loneliness Reshapes The Brain

Kouzou Sakai for Quanta Magazine Loneliness doesn’t just make people feel isolated. It alters their brain in ways that can hinder their ability to trust and connect to others.  In The Neumayer III polar station sits near the edge of Antarctica’s unforgiving Ekström Ice Shelf during the winter, when temperatures can plunge below minus 50 […]

The Power of Social Touch: How a Loving Caress Really Can Ease Anxiety

(George Wylesol for The Washington Post) When Valentine’s Day arrives Tuesday, many people will show their love and affection with cards, chocolates and gifts, but there is another way to make your partner or family member feel good — through touch. Studies show that social touch is essential to our mental well-being and can reduce […]

Are You Suffering From Social-Media-Induced Loneliness?

Social media’s biggest draw is that it allows us to connect with each other, so why does it make us … [+] getty Many people come to therapy when they are struggling with loneliness. They ask questions like: “Why do I feel lonelier now than ever before, despite being more connected online?” “How can I […]

Loneliness In Kids Who Learn and Think Differently

Kids who learn and think differently aren’t the only ones who can feel lonely or “apart” from other kids. Most people feel that way at some point. But research shows that kids who learn and think differently are more likely than their peers to struggle with loneliness. And they often have a harder time dealing […]