Fear of Suffering Is Worse Than Suffering Itself 

Emilio Duro in one of his best-known conferences called “Optimism and Enthusiasm” says that 99% of everything we worry about are things that have never happened to us nor will they ever happen. If we think carefully, it is true, because much of our suffering and its causes are in our brain, and what really happens is that we […]

Busting The 4 Biggest Job Search Myths

getty There are a lot of fear mongering articles out there designed to scare you into thinking the hiring system is rigged. While it is by no means perfect, the system is there to help both sides of the coin find success in new roles. One of the most common myths I see as a […]

If Anxiety Is In My Brain, Why Is My Heart Pounding? A Psychiatrist Explains The Neuroscience and Physiology of Fear

George Peters/DigitalVision Vectors via Getty Images Heart in your throat. Butterflies in your stomach. Bad gut feeling. These are all phrases many people use to describe fear and anxiety. You have likely felt anxiety inside your chest or stomach, and your brain usually doesn’t hurt when you’re scared. Many cultures tie cowardice and bravery more […]

Can Experiencing Horror Help Your Brain?

A scary figure emerges in a doorway at Dystopia Haunted House. Courtesy of Dystopia Haunted House / Henriette Klausen Fear gets a bad rap. It’s a so-called negative emotion, one that supposedly stands between us and our dreams. It is certainly true that pure fear doesn’t feel good, but that is the whole point of […]

How Stress Hits Women’s Brains Harder and Why Men Don’t Always Get It

If you’ve been stressed out and ignoring it—isn’t everyone stressed right now?— it could be time to do something about it. That’s because even though you may be basically healthy, tension is doing its stealthy damage. The latest evidence? Researchers have linked high levels of the stress hormone cortisol to brain shrinkage and impaired memory […]