The Brutal Truth of What Zoom Calls Do To Your Brain, According to New Yale Research 

Getty Images We’re years into the pandemic-driven explosion in remote work and, while most of us have gotten used to having many more remote meetings, they still seem a little awkward. There’s the uncertainty about where to look, the hesitant wave goodbye at the end, the fiddling around with settings at the beginning, the unpleasantness of constantly watching […]

How The Digital Workplace Broke Our Brains

Alberto Ortega/Europa Press via Getty Images Calvin Newport and Derek Thompson discuss why the ability to perform deep, focused work is becoming rare at exactly the same time it is becoming most valuable in our economy. Calvin Newport is a computer science professor at Georgetown University and the author of, among other books, Deep Work […]

Why Those Working Remotely Are Heading For The Tragedy Of The Commons

Getty Images There is no doubt that remote or virtual work is more efficient for white collar workers. And it may be more effective in some cases. But the tragedy of the commons may be coming into play with organizations that encourage individual remote or virtual work giving up their common culture. The efficiencies of […]

Working From Home Was a Big Shift Even For The Companies Making The Gear We’re Using To Work From Home

Envato Elements Like so many of us, Massimo Rapparini, chief information officer at Logitech, had no choice but to learn how to work from home. “I think the biggest adjustment was, how do you really think about structuring the day so it doesn’t just spill over into one big continuum of either meetings or just […]

Businesses Face More and More Pressure From Investors To Act on Climate Change

David McNew/Getty Images Every spring, shareholders in publicly-traded companies get to weigh in on how they’re run. It’s a chance for investors to vote on proposals to shape corporate policies for things like executive pay and political spending. But as the Earth heats up, annual shareholder meetings have become a battleground for activist investors who […]