Want To Improve Your Brain Health? Here’s Your 7-Day Kickstart Plan

Aim to eat two servings of fish per week to get your fill of brain-protecting omega-3 fatty acids. Image Credit: LauriPatterson/E+/GettyImages There’s more to keeping your brain sharp than crossword puzzles. Preserving your cognitive skills for the long term means adopting a healthy lifestyle — and it doesn’t have to be complicated (really!). “There are […]

How To Deal With Automatic Negative Thoughts

It’s normal to have negative thoughts – but when these thoughts become automatic, they can become a problem. Here, an expert explains the psychology behind ‘automatic negative thoughts’ and how to deal with them. The human brain does a lot of thinking. In fact, research suggests that we could have up to 6,000 thoughts every […]

How Scammers Use Psychology To Create Some of The Most Convincing Internet Cons

Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock Online fraud is today’s most common crime. Victims are often told they are foolish for falling for it, but fraudsters use psychological mechanisms to infiltrate the defenses of their targets, regardless of how intelligent they are. So it’s important to keep up with the latest scams and understand how they work. Recently, consumer protection […]

Regular Short Naps Could Be The Easiest Way To Reduce The Risk of Dementia

(Justin Paget/Getty Images) Regular, short snoozes keep our brains young by preserving volume, a quality linked with healthy cognitive functions and a lower risk of dementia and other diseases. Scientists from the US, UK, and Uruguay analyzed data from 378,932 people aged 40 to 69 to see how those who are genetically ‘programmed’ to nap […]

3 Key Empathy-Based Methods To Uncover The Truth About Your Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement..getty images Using empathy to establish a good relationship with your organization’s stakeholders can pave the way to increased productivity and a stronger bottom line. By identifying your organization’s key influencers, you will be able to address a group of stakeholders whose decisions will have the most impact on your organization. Learning the truth […]